FTTH Network

FTTH is a generalization for several configurations of fiber deployment, arranged into two groups: FTTP/FTTH/FTTB (Fiber laid all the way to the premises/home/building) and FTTC/N (fiber laid to the cabinet/node, with copper wires completing the connection). Residential areas already served by balanced pair distribution plant call for a trade-off between cost and capacity. The closer the fiber head, the higher the cost of construction and the higher the channel capacity. In places not served by metallic facilities, little cost is saved by not running fiber to the home.

FTTH -What it means to a Common Man:-

Only one Optical Fiber Cable will reach to the home instead of multiple copper cables for services such as Telephone,Broadband Internet Wired and Wireless,IPTV & Cable TV, Telemedicine Other TCPIP based applications like remote surveillance, remote home control etc.